Squiffy by the Sea

By squiffy

Old Blue eyes

The farm I live on practices "Spring Calving" which means the whole dairy heard will be in calf over the winter and all should give birth in February. This has the advantage that the farmer doesn't have to milk the cows in the winter but does effect the milk price offered by many dairies as they don't like the reduced supply of milk for this time.

From the blip point of view it means that there is always a cute cow pic available in Feb :)

If you wonder about the title of this picture, I discovered today that if you use direct flash on a cow at night, see another photo from today you get a very strange type of Red Eye, well its actually Blue eye or perhaps Aquamarine eye. Can some biologist or vet out there explain why human eyes reflect white light as Red and Cows as Blue ? I always thought it was the blood in the capillaries in the eye but unless cows have blue blood I guess I'm wrong.

p.s. the Adobe photoshop red eye filter does not have a "Species" adjuster and only works on red, perhaps I should put it in as a requested new feature in the next edition.

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