By deanna_pearce

Day 131 - Bunnies and the AOG

A lazy day today – Did my on-line ordering – updated Norton – made pasties for lunch
The bunnies were very upset today.  They hadn’t realised that the Alternate Olympic Games started yesterday.  Unfortunately they had got their dates wrong.  Bossy Boots was beside himself trying to arrange a flight for them to get to Japan.  Gather round he said the only available flight is a helicopter and there is no room inside so we will have to hang on outside.  OK the bunnies all said and got themselves ready.  When the bunnies arrived at the heliport they were a bit dismayed.  OMG said Betty and Bessie – it doesn’t look very safe.  Well do you want to go or not Bossy Boots demanded.  They huddled and decided to risk it
We have missed the opening ceremony said Barnaby – why didn’t we get tickets earlier. Bossy explained with this corony virus thing that they are talking about I didn’t know If it is on.  They piled on and hung on for dear life and finally arrived.  (I have noticed that they are riding the wrong way round but they said they felt safer that way!!!).  As they were leaving arrivals they saw a BIG SIGN – saying  ALTERNATE OLYMPIC CANCELLED   postponed until  . . . . . .
Oh no groaned the bunnies we will have to go back and practise in the garden. 
I am glad to say they are safely back on their shelf.
A  mixed day weather wise – mostly dry this morning but quite wet this afternoon

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