By PaulShelley

No Place Like Home

I was out in the front garden sweeping up the leaves when Joe from next door came round the corner at the end of his run. I grabbed a shot as he was catching his breath and we got chatting. 

It's so often the way with neighbours - we see each other regularly across the fence as he goes out with his dog and we say hello. I knew him as a professional photographer and West Ham fan but it turns out there's much more. 

We compared lockdown notes and Joe told me about his publishing venture combining his love of football with wonderful photos. The magazine is called No Place Like Home. What brilliant images and beautifully printing. I shall be subscribing. 

Well done , Joe on your venture which is now two years old. Let's hope it blossoms. It deserves to. If your a football fan Blipper it's a must read.

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