Life through the lens...

By ValC

Goslings no more.

A morning walk to the next village and found the goslings are now fully grown. Couldn’t tell which were the parents, and which were the youngsters. ( see extra )
Sunny when we set off, but glad we took the raincoats as it started raining after half an hour. Fortunately just a shower.
Before we reached home we were down to T-shirts again.
We decided to stay local as we thought other places would be busy.

After lunch it was gardening again, which took all afternoon.
Three bags to take to the tip next week.
We pulled up the last two bags of potatoes.
They haven’t done as well as last year. May be lack of sunshine. Still tasted good at teatime, and have enough for another two meals.
Off to do some watering now. Surprising how dry the pots are even after yesterday’s rain.
A lovely evening. Blue sky and sunshine.
Hope you have all enjoyed the weekend.
Rain forecast for tomorrow!

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