By hazelh

Been lawn levelling and weeding

I was up early again so enjoyed two breakfasts: a cup of tea and a slice of toast and honey when I first emerged, then porridge and blueberries two hours later with Mr hazelh.

This morning I cooked. I made a batch of cherry scones; restocked soup  supplies (pea and ham); and prepared this evening's Guinness beef stew (yum yum).

This afternoon I weeded my way around the beds next to the patio, and levelled the soil for approximately a quarter of the lawn-to-be. I worked alongside my upstairs neighbours who have the garden immediately beyond ours. I was surprised also to hear activity over the wall in the garden of the next door basement flat. I don't think I have ever known our neighbour to step outside his back door, let alone pick up a gardening tool. I wonder what he is up to?

I took this photograph to show my progress to the Head Gardener and his Assistant. They are currently on holiday in Staffordshire.

Exercise today: gardening.

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