Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Looking east

From Castlelaw Hill in the Pentlands where T and I did a route that circumnavigates the hill without climbing it - it's a military firing range so I don't think too many people go up it (although I've never heard any shots fired). It's an easy walk as the car park is up most of the height, but I'm so unfit that I struggled a bit and managed to fall over twice! No bones broken, but not advisable all the same. However, it was worth it overall. There were lots of other people out too, still making up for lockdown.

The conical hill on the horizon is North Berwick Law and just to the left of it is the Bass Rock, shining white in the sun from the feathers of the gannets who breed there - it's the largest Northern Gannet colony in the world. We couldn't work out what the white building with the chimney was in the middle distance, so that's for another time. We saw a few buzzards, a couple of kestrels, rooks, a magpie and that was about it as regards bird life, and otherwise there were a fair number of sheep with lambs and some handsome cows.

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