By AH14

Roesel's Bush-Cricket

Although I read that they are not uncommon, I think this may be the first time I've ever seen a Roesel's bush-cricket (please correct me, if I've identified it wrongly), never mind photographed one, so he had to be my main blip! He posed so beautifully, too - although the surrounding grasses and flowers were determined to make the task of photographing him as difficult as possible.

I had a wonderful time in Poole Harbour and Sandbanks this afternoon. It was quite breezy but not cold. There were loads of kite surfers about in the harbour but only two (that I could see) off the beach (see my extra). They were much more adventurous than those in the harbour, using the waves and wind to leap high into the air. 

You can see one appear to be Leaping Over The Liner in my b&w journal.

You can see the Plethora Of Kite Surfers harbourside in 'My Third' journal.

Thanks very much for all the great comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's teasel!

Ann :))

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