By dogwithnobrain

i see You Watching me

This is the Evil Black Cat. 

I was weeding this afternoon, and he came, casually strolling along the road, right down the middle, like he owns it.  

He spotted me. (well he couldn't miss me, because i was stood in the middle of the drive  - arms out {to make me look like giant bear} and hissing like a leaky balloon). 

And he ever so casually walked under the car and sat there. Staring at me.  I stared back . A lot. 

This is the cat who attacked my wee Bean and made her act dead in the middle of the road. (and made me run into the middle of the road, in the middle of the night, in a dressing gown to rescue her). 

This is the cat who walks into our house and eats the cats dinner.

The is the cat, who I run at full speed, and it sits there, unmoving hissing at me. 

The neighbours must think I'm crazy.  Having two cats myself, they probably think I am a cat person.  I'm not. I'm a dog person, but am allergic to them.  

But I will defend my pussies to the death if need be. 

PS i totally weeded all the weeds you can see straight after taking this picture. 

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