By dogwithnobrain

A Moment, A Love, A Dream, A Laugh

So much rain; so much wind. Where is the summer? 

Do you remember the old summers?  Do you?? 

Summers were warm, and light and we played outside til 10 pm at night - and it was still day time . 

I don't remember the rain. 

I remember calamine lotion and lumpy arms. 

I don't remember it raining... ever.  

It must have.   The grass was green. 

Today Si and I actually stopped work to look at the window and watch and see if the bins were going to blow over. 

I went out and anchored ours with some bricks.  

And then after dinner it settled. 

Si and I took our usual constitutional up to the allotment. 

Things are looking fine, despite the wind.  

I wanted to tell Tooli all about the sex life of the Sweet Corn.. but guess what, she didn't need to know - she had been reading about the research done to calculate the optimum harvest ratios - and the paper talked about how sweet corn fertilises .....  Apparently my corner sweetcorn is not going to do as well as the corn on the inside....   I should have planted it circular!

Also - She got the Scholarship.

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