By dogwithnobrain

Who knows where that will lead

Tonight after On-Line Flower Arranging;    reading up on how to tie knots;  and finishing work, I announced at 9.30pm that I wanted to go out to see the sky. 

I thought i was going myself, but my little munchkin and my other half both raised themselves from the couch and toddled out with me. 

My choice of sky was the harbour wall. 

Tooli was delighted - it gave her ample opportunity to collect glass for By the Tide, her pal.   

Look at her.  she is a gem herself.  Accompanying me on my outings,  Despite having showered and got into her jammies (see extra)... 

She pulled a jumper over the top and was more than happy to come, scramble about on a rather dirty beach as it was tonight and find sea glass.   

After the harbour, we had a drive around the town to take in all the un-social distancing, and the every-busying pubs.    We've always done that - taken the long way home to take in and appreciate everything. 

I'm tired now.  

Tired and happy after a day with sitting beside my man; and playing with my babba on the beach, and flower arranging, and tying knots. 

More about the tying knots later

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