The corn is as high as a elephant's eye

It's not quite, but almost.  It's taller than me now -as tall as Si.  we are just waiting on the cobs now....  I hope the sun stays around long enough to make it  good and sweet. 

It was the Allotment Show today, and not much of our stuff was ready for showing, but it's important that everyone makes an effort for the committee who work really hard to pull it all together. 

We entered, red potatoes, white potatoes, radishes, beets, sweetpeas, coloured, and mixed, wild flowers, Apple Jelly and Beetroot Pickled. 

We won 3 first, 3 seconds, and a 3rd (for best new plot). 

It's very lovely that everyone comes together to show even the funniest things they have managed to grow.   We didn't even have anything that was weird.

We were wondering about bringing the cats up to the allotment -  we thought maybe a wee spell up there would help a great deal with the mousey problem.   But I think that maybe they would make a great escape and RUN!

So that will be a no. 

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