I'm Gonna Break down your defenses one by one

Such a lovely night last night.   Sauchiehall Street in 1980's was so familiar to Si and me. - it was like a walk down history last night. So much has changed but so much is familiar. 

I had such a sore back last night - it  was so sore during the day that I had called the doctors, who promised to call me back, but of course, they didn't.   It was causing me to gasp in pain, and I just didn't want to dope myself up.     A good night's sleep seems to have done the trick, and i'm back at it this morning. 

We were up at the allotment from 1030 til 330 today.  I weeded everywhere in the wee plot.   Himself pulled all the peas; we discovered 4 mouse holes under the peas and so many eaten pods, it was quite depressing.   We were looking back on Blip to see where we were last year, and were delighted to realise that we didn't have sweetcorn at this time last year either.   But our Sweet peas definitely weren't as successful this year.  Nor are the sunflowers.  

Everything else looks amazing though. 

Tooli messaged us about 5.  She was just up.  She is just loving Mountain life.   She says everyone is crazy and they spend most of their time laughing.    She seems to love working with the kids and is having a ball being with them - morning hike and chats and making sure they are all in their bed at night.    She is making us so proud with the stories she is telling us.  I think she has found her forte! 

Its still raining outside - i think it is supposed to rain all night and all day tomorrow - and it's the allotment show. ... 

We have carrots, potatoes, red potatoes and flowers to show. That's all :-) 

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