Building Sn3 and N Worlds

By Stationmaster

Next small Sn3 project - a crawler

I bought this model a while back from ShapeWays.  It is a 3D printed resin crawler tractor in fine S scale. The metal is really imaging - every tube, brace, wire, etc is there.

In real life I would imagine that it was used in the timber industry as it had no blade.  I need to paint the seat dark brown/black and then decide on weathering. I am going to build a wood cribbing for it to sit on the flat car with chains and blocking for delivery to Dolores (from Durango) and transfer on to McFee lumber area north of Dolores.  So it needs to be new - but a little dirt would hekp.  Maybe a very light spray of diluted black wash.  Just have to be careful not to obscure the details.  I will re-blip when it is done.

I painted this today because I finally got around to cleaning my air brush. I had STUPIDLY used a q-tip to bean the bowl and got some fibers in the paint supply tube.  Did not know it and loaded it up with paint and created a big clog.  I ordered a cleaning kit from Iwata who makes the brush and with the tiny brushes etc got it cleaned.  So why not fill it with paint and go again!

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