Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Restricting Hazel's hunting ambitions

As Hazel has just got a brand new harness (smart, isn't it) this seemed the perfect shot for today's MonoMonday on the subject of 'restricting'.  As you can see, she's wearing it at a somewhat jaunty angle.  She does love leaning against it.  Oh, Hazel!

Many thanks to 60Plus for hosting today's MM.

When the kids were little I trained our dog Callie to walk to heel so she never needed a lead - though of course she had one.  But she was a border collie cross so you could teach her anything.  Hazel is different - and she's not my dog.  The thing she's really bad about is chasing squirrels.  If she sees a squirrel and is not on the lead she loses her north entirely, disappears, runs across roads - aaaahh!  So a lead and a good harness to restrict her ambitions are essential for close to home.

But what a sweetheart she is.

Right, that's me and it's still raining.  Btw, do any of you have any experience of these composters?  The Council are about to ask us to put yet another bin outside the front and I really  don't want to - especially as I'm going to have to pay for it.

Happy Monday evening  xx

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