By Shutterup


I am one happy bunny!!!  I have failed miserably growing courgette for the past 8 years.. somehow they just never grew.. this year I planted 6 seeds.. two came up and one was gobbled by a snail.. this one however.. is showing signs of growing two or is it three courgettes!!!  Whoop whoop!!  It must be because l have been spending time watering during lockdown.. normally l leave things to get on with it once they are established but this year l am feeding the pots with seaweed and watering the veg patch.   I have had very little luck with the brassicas.. l seem to have a shocking amount of flea beetle damage on rocket, pak choi, radish (after my first flush there have been no more) khol rabi... all looking miserable.. not sure how to sort that out.. (I like to keep it organic and don't use pesticides) The worst l have done is sprayed with a light solution of ecover washing up liquid to rid the beans of blackfly which were going to decimate the young plants.  
Rained and rained this morning but the sun came out late afternoon and the wind had dried the grass underfoot so Flossie and l had a good outing.... and that is monday over.

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