By Shutterup


Rather thrilled with this miniature lupin which l sowed from seed.  The slugs and snails in my garden have always eaten every lupin l have ever bought in the past so l decided to plant a few in a large pot.. and so far the slugs have not had their feast.  This is a Pink Fairy Lupin and it has the most delicious scent.  Flossie made me laugh.. she was found wandering gently around the vegetable patch. I stood quietly and watched as she investigated each bed (from the path) She turned and saw me.. looked impish then picked something up and jumped to the grass with it in her mouth.. it was a Kale leaf l had removed yesterday and left lying.. she proceeded to munch it and swallow it down all the time kind of smiling at me.. imp!  I just hope she doesnt take to eating the ones still attached to the plant!!  She does enjoy her veges!!

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