By Shutterup


I picked the first two Dahlias from the garden today.. l love this dark red one... the other is the same colour but a pompom shape.  The phlox stocks smell incredible too and l love the hairy daisy plant.. (not sure what it is if I am honest)
It's been a dull old grey day today.. nothing much happening.  The builders were noisy putting on the roof and finishing the top course of stone work.  two sets of men who clearly don't get on.  At one point the shouting (arguement) got so loud l went out to watch as two men yelled what sounded like abuse at eachother from separate scaffold units.  Luckily there is a 9 foot gap between the two or l think fists might have flown.  I really hate them voicing off at eachother (it is all in Polish) so I went out into the garden to stare at them... they studiously ignored me until the fellow on the top of the roof spotted me watching and they eventually quietened down.  It happens often and l cannot wait till the grumpy stonemason leaves the site.. l think he antagonises everyone.

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