By Shutterup

Common knapweed

Another new flower in the wildflower patch.  Common knapweed, smaller and a bit different from the knapweed I saw in the field the other day. Pretty and loved by the bees.

Another terrible day with the builders next door.  Another stinking bonfire.  Not helped by the fact another garden had a huge bonfire.. the builders didn't fail to cash in and lit theirs.  When challenged they said it was not them burning toxic material it was the other people... yeah right.  While it is a building site they are not allowed to burn on site.. they doused it.. the Environmental services were brilliant and dealt with it. Finally someone on our side. Lets see if it makes a difference. 
Anyone know about health and safety on building sites?  Are there any rules about safety equipment like masks when using cutting machines (stone, wood and slate) or hard hats and come to think of it shirts when on roofs? 

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