By Shutterup

Shield bug convention

Standing quietly under the oak tree enjoying the shade from this rediculous heat we have today 34C l think with a hot wind.. my eye was drawn to a wasp who was flying close to the tree in various places.  When l noticed each place it buzzed close looked a bit funny l put on my glasses and look who l found..  here are three ('s a crowd in this instance) Forest andBugs (Pentatoma rufipes) and guess what??  Yep, they like to lay their eggs on oak trees.. so why not do everything else in situ too!!!  There were millions of them.. I stood taking photos and videos of them for a while before l looked higher.. the whole tree was creeping with them... not just the trunk.. I decided to get out from under before any dropped on top of me.. not a great bug lover unless l can guarantee they are not 'on'  me!!! (don't you love their shoulder pads??)
Hope you are all having a splendid hot Friday.. phew!!

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