By dfb24


....area around Mitchell International Airport. The fencing keeps people well away from the airplanes that are landing & taking off.
Tom had labs drawn this morning, and I was so sure the results would be good, but rather than going up his values dropped again! They gave him a unit of platelets before we left—his 4th in the past 4 weeks—& tomorrow he needs to go back for another unit of blood—his 7th in the past 5 weeks. Not the greatest news. We ran a few errands afterwards, & had just gotten home when our daughter pulled in the driveway. She & the girls had accidentally gotten locked out of their apartment, so she asked if I’d drive over there & help her lift the air conditioner out of their front window so that she could lift Mae up and let her crawl inside and go open the door. Thank goodness they just moved a couple weeks ago & are literally only a 5 minute drive away. All went perfectly & Mae was a champ! Climbed inside, pulled a chair to the door, climbed up & unlocked it. Phew!! Thanks to 60Plus for hosting MonoMondays this month!!  :))

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