By dfb24

Black Headed Skimmer Dragonfly....

....I think.   (Debbi, you'll have to make a positive ID for me, but it looks just like the photo of one that I found on Google).   I dropped Tom off at the clinic for his blood transfusion, then drove over to Lowe's to pick up 10 more bags of mulch. I'd bought 12 bags last Friday, but used all 12 in the back area and still needed to do the side border and the area in front of the porch. We have a very small yard, but the back of ours slopes down toward our neighbors' yard, and when it rains it washes a good amount of my mulch down into their yard. So this time I put bricks along the back before putting more mulch down and hopefully that will keep it in place. After I paid for the mulch, a young man loaded it all in the back of the car for me & I was back to the clinic in under 20 minutes. Since it takes close to 2 hours for the blood to infuse, once it gets there,  I walked in the Emerald Preserve for an hour, which wasn't too bad when it was cloudy, but the sun came out and I had to call it quits! Way too hot at 88 & very humid! So I went and sat in the car with the A/C on so I could cool off, and while there I called my aunt for our weekly chat. She's in good spirits and says her leg is finally feeling better. When I finished talking I went up by Tom and the blood was just finishing up, so perfect timing. We did drive-through for lunch & I unloaded the mulch when we got home. I've spread 2 bags so far, but again had to quit when the sun came back out & it got too hot. I'll finish it up later this evening, or maybe tomorrow morning. It's looking good. Many thanks to Debbi for hosting TinyTuesdays this month! :))

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