Something old...something new...

something borrowed...something blue.
Today was my nieces’ bridal shower & everything went perfectly! You’re probably wondering why I didn’t post a picture of the bride-to-be, so here’s why. The ring I’ve posted was a gift from her mom (my sister), & when Samantha opened it, she kind of looked at my sister as if to say “what’s this”? At which point my sister stood up in front of 65 people & said “I need to tell you all about this ring”. This is the gist of what she said.
“My dad died in 2004 & my mom in 2007. When my mom knew she was dying, she gave her engagement ring to your Aunt Diane (that’s me) and she gave her wedding band as well as my dads’ wedding band to me. I wanted you to have something special to wear on your wedding day, so I took their rings to a jeweler, had them melted down & used for this ring. So the gold from their rings are your “ something old”. But more importantly, when you wear it I want you to remember that they were married for over 50 years. Marriage takes a lot of work. The “something new” is the silver band on your ring. It symbolizes your dad and I because our wedding bands are silver. When you wear the ring, remember how much we love you. Your dad & I have been married for 31 wonderful years, & I can tell you that even when it’s wonderful, marriage takes a lot of work. The “something borrowed” are two of the diamond chips that were “borrowed” from your grandma’s band—she’d be so happy to know they were being worn by you! The “something blue” is the sapphire in the center—your birthstone.” We’re a sentimental lot & I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house! So today it had to be the ring. :)))

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