The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Kitty Dreams

After visiting the Neko Cat Cafe (They schedule small groups. Everybody wears masks. The visit is limited to 45 minutes.) with my daughter Helena, I've been having kitty dreams. I am getting closer to adopting a companion cat for Mehitabel... and to be honest, for myself too. I took this photo on Friday when Helena and I visited Neko. Today I fiddled with it with Topaz simplify and Adobe poster edges to create this kitty abstract. This fellow is not available for adoption. He is a resident cat. I asked why. They told me that several cats stay there full time so that the new cats have a stable, mellow gang who welcomes them in when they arrive. This guy is one of those. He looks like a heavier version of my Duma who I miss a great deal. I'd love to find a young orange boy or a pair of kittens, one of which is an orange boy. We shall see...

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