David J. Rose

By djrose007

It's nice to have a full crop.

With the Pigeons flapping away trying to balance on the bird feeder to get some of the sunflower hearts I sometimes put a few, and some peanuts, on the ground.
It means that Buddy and Hendrix get a close up bird show of the Pigeons and Sparrows. This particular Pigeon pecked away and you could actually see the crop swelling as the seeds and peanuts went down.
The other two photographs are Blue and Coal Tits, the Coal Tit was a bit shy and I couldn't get a decent shot of it other then this one as it was hiding behind a leaf. It would dash down to the bird feeder, snatch a sunflower heart, leap back up to the branch until it had finished that one and then back down to get another. It was too quick for my camera though.

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