By Teasel

Lossiemouth Beach

I went out for another pre-morning walk.  I did yesterday’s route in reverse, so the bakers was my first port of call.  More butteries and more pancakes.  It was a lovely sunny morning and when I got back, TT was trailing the internet to see which, if any, distilleries were open.  He was hugely disappointed, as all were still closed. As it was such a lovely day we decided to go to the coast again.  We drove up to Lossiemouth only to find out that the bridge over the River Lossie, which takes you to the beach was closed (and has been for about a year), so there was no easy way to the beach without a boat, canoe or kayak.  We had a walk up river for a  bit, looking across at the beach which was out of bounds for us, which looked like a Caribbean island with its untouched golden sand under the bright blue sky.,  We then wandered around Lossiemouth before heading to Roseisle beach, where we had a lovely afternoon.  it was so nice to sit and relax , read my book, enjoy our picnic then go for a long walk along the beach with the boys.  BB kicked his football and we all paddled. We came home via Kinloss and Findhorn, but didn’t linger as the boys had a running session when we got back.  Meanwhile I was on tea.  It was another evening of Dr Who for BB and Spiral for us.
This is a view over to Lossiemouth east beach, which was out of bounds unless you had a means of getting over the river.  The extras are the dangerous bridge to the beach which has been closed off for a year, the boys on Roseisle beach and two ghost signs, one in Lossiemouth, the other in Elgin.

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