By Teasel

Coastal Walk

Another day, another holiday run.. It was very muggy this morning, with no views to be had.  TT had to attend an online graduation event this morning, so I took BB out for a walk along the coast.  The mist had cleared a bit, but it was still incredibly muggy.  We walked along the coast to a lovely bay with caves.  As we descended from the cliffs we could see a few mums and kids playing on the rocks and a man sitting alone on the beach.  Unknown to us his companion was swimming in the sea.  We only became of her when she emerged naked from the sea like Botticelli’s Venus.  She was no shrinking violet, and no spring chicken.  The man on the beach started taking photos, which she was only too happy to pose for.  Poor BB didn’t know where to look.  None of us knew where to look!

We then headed back to our cottage and found TT making brunch, which was very welcome. 
Given the haar, we decided to head inland to see if it was brighter.  We didn’t have to go very far to find blue skies.  We ended up in Dufftown and went for a walk to Craigellachie, along an old railway line by the River Fiddich.  We passed the distillery (Glenfiddich) and many bonded warehouses.  TT and BB wondered just how much whisky they must be holding.  It was a pleasant enough walk and not a hard walk, being on the route of an old railway line, but it was hot and even though we were shaded by the trees, it did seem to the longest and hottest walk we had ever done.  It was like walking in the jungle,  in the middle of nowhere, completely in the back of beyond, and we did think back to those that must have built the railway in the middle of the 19th century.  They must have been tough.
Once we reached Craigellachie, we wanted a shop, but couldn’t find one, so we had a quick look around and then just turned round and walked back.  We might have got the bus, but couldn’t find any information on buses.  The boys got to Dufftown before me, but at least had been to the shop and were waiting with cold drinks when I caught up with them.   We were all very weary.
Just when we got to our holiday cottage, the red arrows flew over, which felt like a great end to the day.  It was just amazing to see them and so unexpected.  Turns out there was some kind of air show at Lossiemouth today.  After tea, I popped out to look for a  sunset – but there wasn’t one.  By the time I went to bed I had over 50,000 steps.  I was tired.

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