By Teasel


I couldn’t manage a run this morning – I was just too weary after yesterday.  TT did put me to shame as he went out for a run, however he came back injured – his Achilles.  We all took the morning slowly before we came up with a plan for the day.
Our first stop was Duffus Castle, but there was no place to park so we couldn’t stop.  We continued to Spynie Palace, only to find it closed.  Our next stop was Burghead, which TT and I have bene running to every day, but never stopped for a proper look around.  Bain right on the headland it was a wee bit breezy on one side, and very sheltered on the other.  We had a wander to the Pictish fort and around the headland, down to the harbour and back round to where we had parked.  A wee cat was quite keen on getting some attention from BB, and followed him around, until it gave up and went looking for attention from someone else.
Our next stop was Findhorn, where we pitched up on the beach with our wind break.  We had our picnic, TT got settled in a sheltered spot and rested his Achilles, had a snooze and read his book.  A dog called Jess made a bee line for BB, and   I went for a wee wander after reading for a  while.
Our next stop was a supermarket and for some reason we ended up at Nairn.  The traffic was dreadful – there must be a good case for a Nairn bypass.  We eventually ended up back in Forres, where TT decided to risk his injury and we walked very slowly up to Nelson’s Tower, where we enjoyed fabulous early evening views over Findhorn bay.
Once home I went for a run in the sun and  the boys were on tea.  When I got back BB was watching a movie.  After tea I went out in search of the sunset and also found an amazing full moon - a bonus..
This is Burghead Harbour.

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