Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

Tiny Photobomber

I went to Becky's while they were out today to check on the pups.  It's the first time since she started working from home in March that they've left them all day.  I'm happy to say they were very good boys!  I brought my camera because I thought I might see something tiny on their flowers and I found this hoverfly.  I didn't notice the tiny flying insect when I took this shot but I guess it wanted to make an appearance for Tiny Tuesday as well.  Many thanks to dbifulco for hosting this month!  

I picked up my new glasses today and I could see a huge difference!  Besides the change in my correction, I upgraded to Nikon lenses and skipped the blue-blocker coating.  Everything is so much clearer and brighter!  As I type on my laptop right now, I'm actually seeing the screen without having to tilt my head.  Yay!  Last night I read the warranty card they gave me when I ordered and it said all scratched lenses would be replaced for one year.  My old glasses have lots of scratches and I thought it had been less than a year, so I asked about it.  It turned out that I purchased them August 3, 2019 so I'm getting free new lenses.  Not only that, but they will have my new prescription, so I'll have an extra pair of glasses.  I am very grateful to everyone at the vision center for taking such good care of me! :-)

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