Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Turns out today is another landmark blip, 11 years! I’ve actually been blipping for 12 though, so I guess that means a year’s worth of missed days. Naughty.

Today was a good day. I was feeling a bit crappy in the morning after a terrible night’s sleep and some work worries that made me quite upset last night. I ended up having a good chat with the big boss who assured me that my worries are unfounded, so I instantly felt better.

Finished work a little bit early then dashed to Reading for a flying visit home. Lucy’s boyf picked me up at the station and we arrived at the same time as the pizza. Annabel was suitably surprised by my arrival - when she actually noticed me, she was busy doing handstands.

They also surprised me with early birthday celebrations - a Colin cake and 30 presents in a box covered in photos of my face. Charlotte was the only one in on all the plans: that I was coming home as a surprise, that I was getting birthday presents, and that Lucy was getting birthday fudge. She was so relieved when everything had been revealed and she didn’t have to worry about letting anything slip!

It was so so good to see those guys for the first time since February. We ate pizza and cake and drank wine and chatted for hours. I caught the last train back to Bracknell with my many many things, then had the best sleep ever.

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