By mollymay49

Our usual morning walk

The morning zipped by, very mild today, almost like a Spring morning, a few weeks to go yet before that season comes in, we've only had 57% of our monthly rainfall, we hope more will be on its way by the weekend?
Glyn called for a takeaway coffee at the coffee shop, he still must wait outside for it to be made then go back in when his name is called, we have 2 cases of Covid19 in hotel quarantine, no-one in hospital, and no transmissions within the community, unlike Victoria over East who are having an horrendous time of it at the moment. Our borders won't be opening any time soon i feel.
 I picked up the boys Koen and Jacob from school this afternoon, Sara cut my hair when i dropped them home, i feel ready now for Jury duty which is duet to start next Tuesday, i'm ready for it! 

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