By Knottman2

Explains a lot

Just finished reading this book written by Donald Trump’s neice.

It may be that some blippers are so weary of hearing the name Trump that they will not welcome a blip about him.

But if there are those who are anything like me they will be fascinated and perhaps horrified by what has been happening to the world’s leading democracy over the past four years. As in my younger days some sixty years ago I was for a time an Assistant Professor of Political Science in a Canadian University I have a special interest in systems of government and how they work. Or how they don’t work in the present time. But those systems involve personalities and so an interest in Presidents is inevitable.

I approached this book with caution for fear that it would be a personal diatribe, it is true that Mary Trump and her father, the eldest son in the Trump family, were abominably treated. But on the whole I found it to be a well balanced account, quite well written. The essence of it is that when money is the one and only measure of success it can lead to family relationships where there is no real love and empathy and where failure to succeed can lead to a parent disowning children.

It is full of horror stories such as the claim that Donald paid someone else to sit his SATS tests for him.

My greatest worry is that that degree of egocentricity has in history been a feature of the personality of many of the world’s worst dictators.

America, a country that I have always admired, I grieve for you.

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