By FrankS

Compton Verney

I've been fiddling with a customer's laptop this morning. The display had gone rather queer, the start menu didn't appear to be working.  Anyway I tried various settings, messing to no avail and eventually decided I would have to reinstate the user's Windows 10 account.  Then this evening after another fruitless attempt at coaxing the laptop into normality and I was going to close it down for the night when I clicked on the right hand corner of the screen. Three or four boxes were displayed, one of which was highlighted - Tablet Mode. One click and everything was reset to how it should be!  Problem fixed, customer ecstatic.

This afternoon we took a drive out to Compton Verney for a walk in the grounds.  The wild flower meadow is awash with flowers, grasses and butterflies.  This is a peacock butterfly on the thistles that I managed to get a decent picture of.

This evening was our family zoom session, though the participants seem to be dwindling.

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