On the road...

By johnsmiley1321

the Lone Ranger rides again !!!

The things I do for blip... I had mentioned these two items to Joyce on the 24th and today I had the time to photograph them. The Lone Ranger was on the side of the road and was very easy to get a picture. Silver the horse on the other hand.... The best view was on the freeway but stopping for a photo wasn't going to happen, so on I headed over to the first side street and realized the road was to low and the blackberries were very high.. On to the other side of the freeway. After 4 u-turns trying to figure out the best angle, this was the best I could do. Nothing like having fun while blipping...

It was very nice to be able to get some shopping I needed done on my way home and then cut the most colorful grass on the street. Some of the dandelion forest was 8 inches high.. Watching birds and blips... Headed to Portland in the morning..

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