By Veronica


The grapes are starting to change colour ... that means the harvest will start in 40-45 days. It's still very hot, over 30C ... did I mention that last week we managed to get a new aircon unit installed to replace the one that broke about three years ago? It's only one room on the ground floor, but how much more do you need? It's a very pleasant 25C in here.

Yesterday evening found us at the local restaurant yet again ... there were six of us and the tapas menu has 12 items. So we kept things simple: ordered the first six items, ate them all, and then ordered the second six. We had multiple copies of some of them, so by the time we'd finished, no-one was hungry. They are all excellent, but I think he needs to start having daily specials to vary it a bit.

It was good to see the restaurant busy; for so many years we'd eat there in splendid isolation. The mention in the Michelin guide has definitely helped; he doesn't have a star yet, but he's working towards one.

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