By Veronica

News from the future

A lovely day today. We decided to have a late déjeuner sur l'herbe in the garden: tomato and mozzarella salad, barbecued lamb cutlets, and red fruit salad made with frozen berries that we had to remove from the freezer yesterday to make room for said half lamb, delivered to the door by a local producer. It was gloriously warm, and we were sheltered from the sun by the spreading bay tree which has unexpectedly developed into a parasol.

In the evening, a play in the amphitheatre. The blurb made it sound kind of odd, but we're always willing to give these events a try. After all they are free and literally next door. A very pleasant surprise: with absolutely minimal equipment the five actors presented four short Brèves d'avenir, imagining various dystopian scenarios for the future. Poisoned earth, actors as an endangered species, alienated work, lessons in how to be friends in a world that has become too virtual. It was clever and thought-provoking, but we hadn't expected it to be funny too. There's a teaser here but it doesn't really convey the sharpness of the piece and the excellent acting.  A few more photos in extras.

Sadly the audience was tiny, but very appreciative. Afterwards the actors joined us in the bar for a drink and a chat. We gave them a couple of bottles of local rosé as a souvenir, and not to be outdone J-L, president of the village social club, gave them a bottle each of red, white, and rosé. 

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