By GracieG

More Peskiness!

Butterflies are the most pesky things to photograph.  They will not stay still for more than a nano second, and of course they fold their wings up just as you get them into focus (or in my case part of them in focus).  It was a hot, still afternoon so I took myself off to Warham Camp (near Wells-next-the-Sea).  This is an Iron Age hill fort (see extra taken from the information board).  One can walk right around the top of the mounds.  What's spectacular about it is that it's covered in wild flowers (see the other extra) and attracts lots of butterflies.  I won't tell you how many shots I took...but it was an embarrassing number, and I didn't get one shot that I was happy with.  So, this will have to do.  I think it's a common blue, but there were also Chalkhill blues as well as Peacocks, Red Admirals, Gatekeepers, Whites and skippers.

It was baking hot up there but not a tourist hot spot so blissfully quiet and peaceful.

I'm going to try going back one morning before the air heats up and hopefully I might catch some of them perched and warming up in the sun.

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