By WharfedaleBex

Full of mad ideas

Seeing it was due to stop raining at 9am, I decided that's when I'd set off.  It was another hour and a half before it showed any signs of stopping but that was just in time to hit my first hill. Thankfully, it wasn't a running river and despite not being able to find my favourite socks this morning, I got up it without meeting traffic coming the other way. It's good to know your lucky socks aren't always essential.  I met a bunch of cows heading over the top and this one was keen for a portrait.

I was famished by Aysgarth and savoured another favourite cafe from my cycling rounds.  The sun gave a nominal appearance with enough warmth to let me eat outside.  Heading on to Hawes, I managed not to be drawn into stopping again by turning off early to head up to Gayle.  It's also another little road I haven't been on.

I felt a little niggle in my calf while I was cycling through Wenselydale - enough to stop at Bainbridge and give it a massage so I wasn't sure whether I'd be walking the top section. I took it as slowly as possible without falling off (actually, like I always do) and the 'well done' and thumbs up from a passing motorist near the top gave me the little kick I needed to tip myself back into Wharfedale.

There I stopped for another cafe indulgence and a lovely chat with the guys who run it before psyching myself up for what felt like quite a long 20miles home.

After Rich's altercation with a ford the other day, there was no dinner waiting for me as Rich had gone on strike. We rustled up a quick dinner followed by a lot of stretching.  

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