By dunkyc

In one ear...

For many reasons, July has been a testing month, but with today's heatwave and the knowledge of many good things to come in August, it is definitely finishing strongly!

Anyone else find that they're great with dispensing advice, but not following it? I put something up months ago about the power of listening to music and the incomparable mood-altering capabilities it holds, but did I follow my own advice? Nooooooo.

A wander into a beautiful, hot, sunny, thriving Kendal today was amplified with some cracking tunes playing away in my ears with one song in particular, instantly transporting me back to a holiday last year and all the calm, relaxing feelings that went with it. We can be quick sometimes to acknowledge the low points in our lives and unwittingly stumble into a maudlin trap, so it is important to redress the balance and highlight the highlights too!

Lord knows that we need to seek out the light wherever we can find it at present, because there is not much good news out there at present. The solidarity of early lockdown would appear to have largely vanished as we regress to some form of the way things were and as for those who are not exempt from wearing a mask who refuse to wear/whinge/complain about a face mask, I really hope they're able to get a grip. It's a small piece of fabric, covering your face for a short time - any chance you can suck it up, put on a mask and pretend you're a naff superhero like the rest of us?!

Oh no! I'm regressing too! Quick! Break out the emergency playlist!  

The other option of course, is to be like this couple in the photo: find the time to stop and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings.

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