... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Garden: Flügel und Tröpfchen

More dapper a dripper in large.

Flügel's so handsome... He's much bigger than the ducks, but his rounded chubby features and goofy demeanour leave him no less cute, and he's still pretty little.
We let the little little ducks out in the early afternoon, but it was so hot that they only came out briefly before returning (sensibly) to mooch in the shade and in their little run pool. They've still not sussed the ramp and big pool...  Ida dug herself a little mud hole and got very messy!

I was hoping to give Kappa or Koi the blip spot (they've featured less prominently), but they only came out very briefly, with Flügel and Ida being a bit more active.
I'll not be blipping them tomorrow ... because Im and I are going to WWT.

Others here (or right from Look who's lookin')

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