Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter


The day was another medically-focused one. First was an 8:30 appointment back at the Eye and Ear Hospital, this time for a laser procedure on the eye I'd begun the cataract journey with. I'd expected to be in and out within half an hour or so, based on what I'd been previously told, but it was far from that. The usual preliminary eye examinations began the visit, then on to the main waiting area to be seen by the doctor, then back to the waiting area while the eye drops did their thing, then back to the doctor for more examinations and a do-you-really-want-the-laser-treatment conversation, then the actual laser treatment. All told, I was there for two-and-a-half hours.

During one of my waiting periods I was intrigued by this gentleman's nicely jokey face mask.

I got a taxi home from the Eye & Ear and retired to bed for the recommended rest before venturing out again to Beaumont Hospital for the periodic blood test prior to my now-annual meeting with the oncologist. I have to say again that Beaumont have the whole Covid-precaution thing well under control, what with temperature check, traffic segregation depending on the type of appointment and what could be considered over-generous distancing in their waiting areas.

After the blood test it was back home for more rest and a pleasant listen to an Inspector Morse audio book.

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