The fleet is in

We walked down to the pier again to catch the fish shop which shuts at 1pm. Wow! The seafront was crowded, or it seemed to be. Phones, fags and chips! Maybe it was always like this but we've forgotten. The one thing that did strike us was that very few people made the slightest effort to keep their distance. It seemed hardly worth trying ourselves! Even when walking back up the road to our house, used by all the tourists who visit McCaig's Tower, it was noticeable that people were less friendly than they had been over the lockdown when we had hoped that the new friendly attitude would last. Nobody said hello, nobody moved out of the way. Oh well - back to normality then.

There appeared to be more fishing boats than usual in port. Don't they work weekends? Are they having difficulty selling fish with so many restaurants working at under capacity? I don't know.

Quote of the Day:

Steve Mariboli - " Smile at strangers and you just might change a life."

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