By dfb24

Opening Ceremonies....

....of AOG 2020, and what a thrill it is to be here! It was an unforgettable moment when two of the world's most decorated, retired gulls flew into the stadium carrying the Olympic Flag between them! They then flew to the "podium" before the playing of the Olympic Anthem. Although I'm sure you recognize them, on the far left is "The Thunder Bolt", so named because he's as fast in the air as Usain Bolt is on the ground, and is the two-time gold medal winner in "Long Distance Endurance Flying". On the right is the "Greene Gull", the anchor of the 400 meter "Flight Relay" in the past two AOG's, also leading his relay team to 2 gold medals. His nickname was given to him by Maurice Greene, who was a spectator at the last AOG and was so impressed with the gulls' speed and persistence that he began calling him the "Greene Gull". The "Greene Gull" was so thrilled by the nickname that he took to coloring his feathers green prior to every competition, & has done it again today in honor of his Olympic appearance.  (Let's face it, Maurice knows speed, as at one time he held the world record in the 100m, has 4 Olympic medals and was a 5 time world champion).  Here, the two former Flying Champions are surrounded by members of the hopeful U.S. Flying Team who will be starting their preliminary rounds this coming week, so stay tuned!   Thanks to KangaZu for hosting Silly Saturdays this month, & thanks to Debbi/DBifulco for her hosting of the 2020 AOG's, as well as to the judging panel who will be assisting her!!  Good luck to all the athletes & let the games begin!   :)))

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