By dfb24

Queen Anne's Lace

I liked the shape of this one, as well as the out of focus blue chicory behind it. I took this along the Najoshing Trail today. When I was finished I headed to my daughters' old apartment building to help her do the final cleaning, as she hands the keys back in this evening. I got to play with the girls for awhile, then had to head back home to take Tom to his doctor's appointment. His white count has finally crawled up to almost 1.0--still pretty awful but at least it's going up instead of down. His platelets dropped though, so he got another unit of them today after seeing his doctor, and will get another unit of blood on Monday. The Dr. is giving him an additional two weeks off of treatment to see if his counts will finally start to go up, so fingers crossed. Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm looking forward to this weekend & the whole of next week, as our temps are forecast to be back to where they normally are at this time of the year--high 70's--Heavenly!!  Thanks to Anni for hosting FF's!  :)))

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