Cream City* Cruiser's....

Paddle Tavern. I've heard of it but today's the first day I actually saw it "in action". I'm thinking it might be a bridal party, as they're all young women, but they're all dressed exactly the same, so I may be wrong. The company provides a bartender, and the "guests"  sit around the bar, and while they drink & visit they have to pedal to keep the boat moving. A great concept, as you can drink without worrying about gaining weight! Lol. I'm thinking they'd been at the drinking part for awhile, as there was a lot of loud, rowdy laughing going on & they were obviously having a great time. They're heading South down the Milwaukee River, and I was across the river on the East side in the Port of Milwaukee. If you look at the building behind them, you'll see the UWM banner hanging. The building is the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's School of Freshwater Sciences, & is the nation's only graduate school dedicated solely to the study of fresh water. (I've put a better photo of the building in the extras--the windows are specially designed to be representative of fresh water)
*And just a side note: Milwaukee's nickname is "The Cream City", hence the "Cream City Cruiser" name on the floating bar. The nickname has nothing to do with the Dairy Industry that Wisconsin has always been known for, but rather for the many cream-colored brick buildings that can be found throughout the city of Milwaukee. The bricks were made from local clay found in the Menomonee River Valley. The clay contains high levels of lime and sulfur, so once they're fired, the color changes from its' original red to a beautiful cream/light yellow. One of these days I'll have to blip one of the beautiful buildings made with the bricks. :)

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