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Dancing ladies

There seems to be lots of pink in the garden just now, these three fuchsias are in colour combinations which in anything but nature would be unthinkable. They seem to like their corner of the garden.
Not as hot today, but still quite pleasant. I had a day where I was lacking in impetus to do anything really.
I popped down to Kathryn's to drop off a few things ready for their return from their well in Kingussie. Looks to have been a lot of fun and they seem to have managed with the mixed weather.
I went out for a short run this afternoon to try and find some energy but only managed 2.5km before I gave up, partly the heat. On the other hand to put things into perspective, which helps sometimes, if you had said to me a few months ago that I'd be disappointed only to manage to run a mile and a half without stopping I'd have thought you were off your head!
I boiled up the black currants and they are dripping overnight, jelly I think this time. Made a rhubarb sponge for tea which was rather nice if I do say so.
Ali came over this evening and had a socially distanced evening. She's taking Nicola's words to heart and staying well away from us when she's in the house. Nice to spend some time with her even at a distance.

Keep well everybody, I feel we are in a waiting time at the moment and am fearful we may have to go backwards as a result of failure of others to take care. Not a nice feeling.

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