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By Sallymair

Soup's aff!

Isobel (4) decided she wanted to play at restaurants this afternoon so the grown ups all said yes and carried on with what we were doing. 5 minutes later she reappeared wearing a pinny and carrying a notebook and with menus she'd made. This is her asking her mummy what she'd like for a starter. I was amazed just how active and creative her play was. To the extent that when asked about drinks and I asked for strawberry milkshake I was told that they didn't have any but I could have a banana one if I wanted! She is so ready for school in a couple of weeks!
The extra is her writing 'M' for melon, to go with parma ham, with her grandpa!
Church this morning, it is so good to be singing again, we're having an after service barbecue next Sunday so some of the home prayers are focusing on a request for a lack of rain!
We went down to Katy's after our Sunday bacon roll lunch. We saw the girls which was lovely as always. Back home I did some weeding and then we decided to celebrate the warm weather by eating the last of our, very long lived but now finally finished, anniversary meal in the garden!
A quick walk after dinner and that's another Sunday over.
Keep safe everybody

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