Silly Saturday ....

... day at the zoo.

To hopefully beat some of the heat today we headed over to the Lehigh Valley Zoo fairly early.  They don't open until 10 am and we arrived shortly after that.  Masks are still required and they have made all the walkways one way so staying socially distant was possible.  But it got very warm by the time we were done at the zoo and I couldn't wait to take off my mask.  Not like the sleeping man we encountered outside the gift shop ... top middle picture.  And he's just one of the silly things we saw today! 

We had taken our lunch with us and when we were done at the zoo we drove through the Trexler Game preserve looking for a shady spot to eat it.  We stopped along the way to get photos of the bison, which I haven't included in either this Silly Saturday collage or the added extra. But I did include a photo of Richard standing under a sign that says "Do not approach fence" .... too silly!

While we were enjoying our lunch the family in this collage pulled up and posed for a selfie!  I loved that each one seems to be touching another in some way ... great family fun! 

Speaking of great family fun ... I am hosting today's Silly Saturday!  I can see that a lot of different tags are being used but I will try to visit each and every Silly Saturday post.  I will give stars to all that have participated ... so if you don't get a star that means I haven't seen it. Please let me know if this is the case.  It may take me a few days so please be patient.  I will be awarding hearts and honorable mentions no earlier than Monday or Tuesday.  And possibly throughout the coming month as well.  If I see something that I really like don't be surprised if you receive a heart from me. 

Now on to view some silliness ....

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