Murphy’s Law

By laurie54


People familiar with birds know that orioles love oranges.  What I didn't know when I started to put oranges out that they would attract house finches, woodpeckers, verdin...and cardinals. 

Pretty much a nothing Saturday.  I haven't gone out or done anything.  In fact, I didn't get dressed until late afternoon.  Thanks for all of the supportive comments yesterday and the stars and hearts the last couple of days. 

My moods have been all over the place.  I was glad to get a little sleep last night but I need to be getting a lot more sunshine and proper nutrition to keep my bipolar disorder somewhat stable.  For me today, no newspapers, television news, and so far no TV at all.  That won't last.  I'm hooked on the series Bosch, which I think I mentioned before.  It's based on the books by Michael Connolly.  I also watched the Amazon series Upload, which was very cute.  I don't plan on keeping Prime for a long time so I want to watch what interests me now.

I only have a few singers left to include in my list of best voices of my lifetime.  Again, completely subjective.  Here's my list to date:
✔ Whitney Houston
✔ Celine Dion
✔ Josh Groban
✔ Sarah Brightman
✔ Andrea Bocelli
✔ Aretha Franklin

Today I'm adding Lady Gaga.  I couldn't narrow down which song to highlight so I've listed my favorites, the first of which could be today's anthem...
Angel Down
Million Reasons
Shallow (with Bradley Cooper)


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