By Pinkhairedlady

A wee festival day out

Got up and chopped veg and meats to thread into skewers and made humus which just didn’t taste quite right. Turned out I’d forgotten the tahini - glad I tasted it before packing to take to my friends!!

Loaded up the van and headed off early afternoon for the short drive to Lauder and the planned mini festival. Parked the van in the driveway and it was time to get the party started. It was so lovely to see people in person and not on an iPad screen. An excellent afternoon and evening was had by all and much Prosecco and gin was consumed. Found a new favourite - grapefruit drink. It was really refreshing. Had a few wee sing-a-longs which was really good for the soul.

Called it a night around midnight and retired to the van.

Backblipped Sunday 2nd August.

Edited to add Silly Saturday - rest easy Admirer

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