By Majoayee

Biscuits for you!

The girls have been very good:  Lego first thing then they played cars.  That’s when I decided to make biscuits and placed the tray of my scales on the cooker which I had forgotten to turn off! The smell reached me first and it was so painfully clear as to what had happened.   I was terribly upset as I don’t think these wall scales are still manufactured.   Then Ro called me back to the kitchen to see the pained face starting back at me!  Oh woe is me! 

Lunch: bacon and an egg each only LM also ate her sister’s egg as the little one wouldn’t touch hers!  Bagels and cream cheese and the usual extras like tomatoes, olives carrot sticks. ...

After lunch  I made the biscuits with Grandbaby and while they were cooking we played a new game(out of my French teaching aids) “Who is it?”  They did really well.  Then snack time! The biscuits were good and the strawberries even better!  

Grandbaby had to be persuaded to try the golden syrup!  She likes it now! 

This could be for Mono Monday!  It’s a grimace für me!   Many thanks Kathy aka Chantler63 for hosting! 

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